That's how the reporting process should always have been : Amazing.

Vizybles' mission is to help organizations manage their reporting process incredibly well.


With the increase in available data, having just the right information at your fingertips is a challenge.

Not anymore.

Informed people make informed decisions

Vizybles will ease your staff reporting capabilities.

it's easier to decide when you know. 

Access data live, and focus on the future.

Sharing is winning

Speed is of essence

A Network of Designer at your disposal

VizyStudio is ready to connect and build any dashboard and KPI's when you think you need assistance. 24/7.

Non Intrusive and low risks

We are a technology open to the world.

Keep what you have, and take advantage of it with Vizybles.

Vizybles is a "Reporting as a service" platform designed to help employee, managers and executives make better decisions by providing them with a cloud-based platform of live operational, analytical, strategic dashboards and key performance indicators collected from their IT ecosystem. The idea is not to replicate data through a datawarehouse, but to collect the right information directly from the source, ensuring a fully collaborative process.

People are your strength, and you primary source of information.

Collaborative features are the real magic potions of Vizybles.

No more wasted time searching for data. One place to stream all your dashboards, all your KPIs, all your reports.

Bruno Fiastre

CEO, among others

"At Vizybles, we always start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology"