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With the growth of data & cloud apps, providing the right information people need is a challenge. Not anymore.

Vizybles helps organizations adopt a reporting logic that creates trust and transparency among all employees, by digitizing processes and providing continuous improvment technology.

Open a workspace (free!)

Get your reporting organized in the cloud


No more wasted time searching for data. 

Create your own workspace, generate your reports, explain your results.


Share your achievement

People are your strength, and your source of recognition.

Share your content, manage your access, and be notified of who views your report

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Continuous Improvement

Our Continuous Improvement technology is the real magic of Vizybles!

Track the success of your report, discuss the content, receive honest feedback and IA generated advice!

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Manage your Tribe, see what works

Link users and collaborate inside a common tribe and get the most out of it!

See all reports from anyone organise very clearly, create a clear process, see what works and what doesn't!

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A Network of Designer at your disposal

VizyStudio is ready to connect and build any dashboard and KPI's when you think you need assistance. 24/7.

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First Time Membership

(re)Create a culture of trust & transparence

Commit, track, measure : let's (re)create transparency and Trust.

Keep historic of reports, track commitment and measure performance.

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Non Intrusive and low risks

We are a technology open to the world.

Keep what you have, and take advantage of it with Vizybles.

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Many companies waste time organizing the production and management of internal and external reporting.
Vizibles is a cloud-based reporting platform, whose objective is to facilitate the dissemination of internal reporting, centralization, collaboration and continuous improvement. Vizybles stands out from other platforms by being BI agnostic, without implementation, including strong collaborative and organizational functionalities, and by offering a Reporting Designer Studio for our customers.


Bruno Fiastre

CEO and Founders, among others

"Creating & continuously improving a reporting that you are proud of, and receiving compliments is a real personal accomplishment"