All the Dashboards you need, anywhere, anytime.



The dashboard you need. Any BI integration.

All subscription based. No Implementation fees.

Open Platform. From $15 per month.

"Having our report produced and streamed in one platform in a monthly plan became natural instantly"

Dan McCarron

Asset Manager at AKELIUS

are more focused

Informed people

Informed People make informed decisions.

One beautiful platform to stream all your dashboards & KPI's

Vizybles is using a Top Down approach to stream your dashboards and reports. We embed any BI applications. You can subscribe / unsuscribe to reports anytime. Easy and safe.

Informed People are Happier! Rise Company Awarness, measure success and share what really matters to who really matters!

Vizybles push people to share their performance, explain their work, receive feedback so they can proudly improve their results, everyday.

Informed people know what they need. Subscribe to reports you ask us to produce, and magnify those you already have.

Our VizyStudio has a team of Designer devoted to produce the cleanest dashboard with a top-down approach. We also offer an internal book made of hundreds of best practices examples.

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