Accelerate your execution with collaborative cloud dashboard 

Build up you own data analytics with no experience. 

Get automated and IA enhanced results on your data and explore a new world of data analysis.

Collaborate on the results, improve the engine and make better decisions.


A new way to get unsuspected & amazing results with your people


The data you want to analyse in our template


more than 10 automated and IA enhanced results per set of data


the one that make sense, and elaborate on it


the results with your people and make better decisions


The type of analytics your are looking for

At Vizybles, we always start with the customer experience, and work backwards to the technology.

We believe that having people working on what matters for you first is the only path to provide you eventually with results. VizyStudio is a team of Designer devoted to produce perfect dashboards for our clients that meets their original expectations.

"Having all our reports live and streamed in one platform became a central piece of all our review meeting, and saved me hours of hassles!

Dan McCarron

Asset Manager at AKELIUS


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vizybles?

Vizibles is a serviced dashboards cloud platform dedicated to organise all your dashboard in one place, independantly from the technology. Users will have live access to actionnable insights. Vizybles is maintained by a team of experts in your industry and in dashboard design. We will connect and maintain your data to the reports, and provide a full support. Our delivery methods and principles allow fast delivery to our clients.

What is different with standard BI applications?

The difference is that Vizybles is a streaming platform, independant from the different BI applications that exists on the market. It gives you a total flexibility to aggregate and centralise all the report that matters. You can also download or subscribe to Top best practice reports from your industry, market data reports, and benefit from other people experience. Cherry on the cake, Vizybles will add additional features that others won't provide, such as the historization capability.

Can I try Vizybles for free?

Yes! You can try Vizybles with one report for free, for a month:

  1. Enter your email adress
  2. Receive an email from us detailing the access
  3. Enjoy!

How do I start?

You can subscribe to the platform following those 3 steps: 1-Create an account (free) 2-Upload your first report (free) 3-show it to your colleagues, make some noise, and when you are ready, subscribe to the plan that fits your need!

How much costs Vizybles?

Vizybles is a subscription based SaaS solution. Linking your existing report is free, Subscribing to Vizybles Production dashboard starts at USD $100/m. Production from our VizyStudio starts at USD $150/m. Quote on demand here.